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Passing Japanese culture
to the next generation

Kawase, the representative of Kimono Kawasumi, has been involved in the manufacture and sale of kimonos for many years under Hiroshi Fujii of Kyoto. In order to pass on Japanese culture to the next generation, we currently focus on selling Japanese accessories, each of which is made by hand.

We are happy to consult with you about various production options, such as using your own obi or fabric as fabric for accessories, or adding your name to it. Please feel free to contact us.

2 pouches


Coin purse

Fabric: Nishijin obi

No. 1 in popularity for Japanese accessories! The glossy threads unique to the obi fabric give it a more gorgeous and calm impression and are durable. Aren’t there many people who prefer a coin purse with a pouch? The price is affordable, so why not incorporate Japanese clothing into accessories?

Handbag coffered ceiling embroidery

Fabric: Obi

This handbag is made from obi fabric with gold thread. The lattice-shaped ceiling panels are embroidered with a “Kakuten-mon obi” design making it ideal for formal occasions such as the Shichi-Go-San Festival, coming-of-age ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.

Table cloth

Fabric: Oshima Tsumugi Kimono

This tablecloth is made using washable kimono fabric. Also recommended for use as a Japanese shawl. Please wash gently by hand. It’s easy to care for, so why not add it to your interior?

Tapestry (bird)

Fabric: Obi

A tapestry with pockets made of high-quality obi fabric. It is also useful for storing small items such as letters and pens. It is recommended for everyday use, as a decoration for special days and events, and as a Japanese souvenir for friends and family overseas.

Vase mat

Fabric: Nishijin obi

Would you like to add a touch of luxury to your Japanese living space with a mat made of gold brocade fabric?

Shop curtain (vermilion)

Fabric: Kimono

This is a pure silk shop curtain with double-sided stitching made by remaking a kimono. We use high-quality kimono fabric, so you can use it not only for your home interior, but also for stores and events. It is also recommended as a Japanese souvenir for friends and family overseas.

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President:Sadao Kawase

Address:43-1, Saiinshuneicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan


Business:Production and sales of Japanese accessories


We will listen to your requests and make suggestions, such as making Japanese accessories using obi and fabrics you have at home.
We also offer a name embroidering service, so please feel free to contact us.